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Who we are

In June 2018, our founder Byron Washington had an idea to bring a market to North Baton Rouge. Scotlandville , being the heart of North Baton Rouge, has always been an economic hub so it seemed only right to begin the market there. What started off as just a few vendors meeting on the last Saturday of every month, quickly grew into a social hub of makers, thinkers , performers and the just the place to be on that Saturday every month. Though we venture into more than just the Open Market, Scotland Saturdays will always be about the organic people and creating spaces and places for our culture to thrive.


Greetings From Scotland Saturdays!

"To reinforce harmony of the arts and community prosperity."

One of the most vibrant movements in the city, Scotland Saturdays is the cultural boom scene of North Baton Rouge. Since day one, a genuine love and passion for our own market patrons has defined who we are and what we do.  The Open Market has become the place to patronize local business, see the arts and music scene, and is the place for everyone to socialize. There’s always something buzzing in our spaces: new stalls or exciting events, so read on to discover more about Scotland Saturdays.

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