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Greetings From Scotland Saturdays!

One of the most vibrant movements in the city, Scotland Saturdays is the cultural boom scene of North Baton Rouge. Since day one, a genuine love and passion for our own market patrons has defined who we are and what we do.  The Open Market has become the place to patronize local business, see the arts and music scene, and is the place for everyone to socialize. There’s always something buzzing in our spaces: new stalls or exciting events, so read on to discover more about Scotland Saturdays.

Who we are

In June 2018, our founder Byron Washington had an idea to bring a market to North Baton Rouge. Scotlandville , being the heart of North Baton Rouge, has always been an economic hub so it seemed only right to begin the market there. What started off as just a few vendors meeting on the last Saturday of every month, quickly grew into a social hub of makers, thinkers , performers and the just the place to be on that Saturday every month. Though we venture into more than just the Open Market, Scotland Saturdays will always be about the organic people and creating spaces and places for our culture to thrive.

Performer on Levitt AMP Baton Rouge Stage 2023

What have we done...

Established 2018


Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony

Through the diligent work of our founder, Byron Washington, since our inception, Scotland Saturdays has been a committed contributor to the annual Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony.  Catalyzed by Councilwoman Chauna Banks and Mrs. Patt Leduff of CADAV and the Scotlandville CDC, this event continues to grow in patronage and contributors every year.  As a bridge in our community, we are happy to provide the necessary logistical and vendor acquisition support.


Boo With the Krewe

Hosted by the Phi Gamma Sigma Youth Sorority, Boo with the Krewe has quickly become a community staple.  Providing a safe and secure environment for the young children of our community to enjoy during Halloween.


Scotlandville Parkway MasterPlan Initiative

Through our city's department of recreation, also know as BREC, Scotland Saturdays was able to become of facilitating organization in the acquisition of the community's feedback.  Each month we hosted our normal, monthly market, which included the presence of BREC representatives equipped with visuals and survey taking equipment for our community's feedback.  Through this work, BREC was able to establish a baseline for what the community needs from their park system and their hopes for the future.


Levitt AMP Baton Rouge 

Since the very beginning we have been pushed to make our efforts a weekly affair.  Unfortunately, non profit work, especially at the grassroots level, can be an arduous task.  In 2022. we decided to apply for the Levitt Foundation's, AMP grant series.  A grant that allows and demands for the orchestration a 10-week live music series in an underused public space, located in the middle of an underserved community.  With the belief that music has the power to build bridges in places they've never existed, this was our opportunity.  Not only to put our weekly model to the test but also to finally activate the Scotlandville Plaza in the way it deserved.   With year 2 on the horizon we are excited to see where this journey leads us,.

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